Propane Dealers & Tank Repair in Aledo, Weatherford & Grandbury, TX

Propane Tank Repair

If your propane tanks are not maintained properly, they will likely need repairs. It's important to keep up with your propane tanks in order to avoid them being out of service and unsafe. 

Preventative maintenance will ensure that your propane tanks have a long life with little repairs. One of the most important tips for propane preventative maintenance is to paint your propane tank a reflective color

If your propane tank is painted a dark color, it will absorb heat from the sun. This can cause the relief valve to open due to excess pressure inside the tank. This can in turn lead to gas leaks and other unsafe issues. It's important to keep up on the regulations for propane tanks to reassure the safety of you and your family!
Propane Dealer in Granbury, TX - Texas Butane Co. Inc.
When your propane tanks are in need of repairs or maintenance, you need licensed certified professional. That's where Texas Butane comes in. We provide Aledo, Weatherford, Granbury, TX & surrounding areas with experienced propane dealers who can safely repair your propane tanks. 

If you have any questions regarding propane tank repairs or propane tank preventative maintenance, contact us today! 

Let us service you with the best propane in Weatherford! Call 682-803-0049 to learn more.

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