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About Texas Butane Co. Inc.
Texas Butane Co. Inc., is a family owned and operated propane business with five generations of propane professionals and almost 60 years of experience in the industry.  We got our start in 1958 when V.E. Kemp Jr. founded our family business.  Ever since then, as a family, we’ve been busy delivering propane gas and installing propane systems for residential and commercial customers in the surrounding counties.  Rely on our experience as propane dealer to make sure your family stays safe and warm this winter!

Propane Tanks

If you need a propane tank or a propane refill, come in to our office on the square in downtown Weatherford anytime or simply give us a call.  We love getting to know our customers! We realize that knowing our customers is just as important today as it was in 1958, so come by our office and meet our family and employees.  

We provide propane delivery for every sized propane tank and we can help you decide during your construction which tank size is appropriate for your house or business.    Over the last 59 years we’ve learned quite about propane and propane tank systems. Let our experience in the industry as a propane dealer work for you!  

The “Keep Full” program ensures our customers get the best pricing per gallon and takes the worry out of watching their tank gauge.  If you require more tank monitoring than the “Keep Full” service, we also offer satellite/cellular tank monitoring.  

When you couple our popular “Keep Full” program or satellite tank monitoring with the largest propane storage facility in the area, you'll never have to worry about being without propane gas even in severe winter weather!

Grills and Gas logs

If you are looking for a grill for that perfect outdoor cooking experience, Texas Butane Co. Inc. has the one for you! Choose from our complete line of Holland Grills and Twin Eagle barbecue grills.  

At Texas Butane Co. Inc., we only sell what we personally use.  When you buy a grill from us, you can be assured that not only are we cooking on them ourselves but we are also big fans of the product.  We only sell products that we’ve tested, owned and found to be exceptionally made, easy to care for, easy to maintain and worth the money.  We’ve narrowed it down to what we feel are the absolute best  grills that will outlast and out cook every other propane grill on the market.

We’ve also taken the same approach with our vent-free gas logs.  We’ve narrowed those down to just a couple that have proven to be reliable and safe.  We primarily sell American-made R.H. Peterson gas logs.  In our opinion, their quality far exceeds their competition in the gas log market.  

Contact us today to check out our display logs and see how they look in a fireplace!

Our Family

At Texas Butane Co Inc., we are proud to be your classic family business.  We are the same family, in the same location, with the same phone number, and the same commitment to great service that V. Kemp Jr. had when he first opened the doors in 1958.  

To us being a family run business means that every time we come to work, every job we do, our heritage, history and family name is being represented; which is why it’s important to all of us that we do the safest, most professional job for our customers each and every time. 
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